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My name is Hope Rothrock. I am a big Alan Jackson fan and have been following his career since I first heard Here in the Real World play on the radio. I have been to well over 100 concerts in the past 13 years, including some in Delaware, Maryland, many parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida and Tennessee. I actually got to meet Alan once at Fan Fair back in 1992 with my son Chris who was then 3. He also was a big fan and had just been written up in our local paper as wanting to be a famous singer just like Alan Jackson. We stood in line in the hot sun for many hours to meet Alan. When we did my son got shy. I asked Alan to sign for Chris and he said to me "Well what's your name, you have been waiting just as long" and he then proceeded to sign "To Chris AND Hope, Thanks Alan". We still have that picture on our piano.

In 1999, I was lucky enough to get thru during the Under the Influence premiere by WestWood One and I got to ask Alan a question. I said "Hi Alan" and he of course said "Hi Hope"...and then he started singing "High Hopes" in the background. I first thanked him for standing up for George Jones on the awards show to which Alan said "Well thank you Hope" and then asked my question. I was like a nervous schoolgirl..."my hands were sweaty and my knees were weak". My kids thought I was crazy!! But it was a really cool experience to actually talk to him even if for only a minute.

In 2000, we drove back to Tennessee for Fan Fair and Alan's fanclub party. After standing in the hot sun for about 8 hours we got inside and found out there was a chance to meet Alan by singing karoke. My husband (the sweet guy that he is), volunteered to be entered in the contest. At the last minute I added my name to the slip thinking they would never pick us. Low and behold the sixth name out of the box was Paul and Hope Rothrock. I was scared to death. But I am told we did great. We ended up winning front row seats to a future concert, which we used a couple years ago in Atlantic City .
I truly admire the music that Alan makes. The songs he writes and performs touch my heart like no other artist I have ever heard. I myself write music and it would be a dream come true if someday Alan would record one of my songs. My other dream of course is to win the lottery and have Alan perform a private concert for me and my family and friends in my own backyard. I would ask him to sing songs like If I Had You, What a Day Yesterday Was, Hole in the Wall, Job Description, and Dancin All Around It. Well a girl can dream can't she?    Home
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