Robert Oermann Review Comments In the April 4th issue of @Music Row
Robert Oermann, noted critic and country music historian, began his DISClaimer column with this lead: DISClaimer Robert K. Oermann "What I hear today is the sound of a new star being born. I refer to McHayes, the baby act on Universal South. Actually, what we've got here is something being reborn. Wade Hayes, who sings lead on this debut single, has had two Gold albums and seven top-10 hits previously. He's teamed with fellow Okie Mark McClurg, a fiddler and tenor vocalist who's put in 12 years in Alan Jackson's band The Strayhorns. And before you get the idea that Tim DuBois assembled this act (remember Brooks & Dunn and Restless Heart?), know that these two met on their own and bonded eight years ago when Wade opened for Alan on tour. Mark's son is even named Tucker WadeŁ in honor of their longtime songwriting partnership." His review "McHAYES It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You Writer: Bobby Pinson/ Trent Wilmon/ Jeremy Spillman; Producer: Brent Rowan; Publisher: Mosaic/ EMI April/ Sea Gayle/ Universal/ Songs of the Village, BMI/ ASCAP; Universal South (CDX). "I just had my ears pinned back. These boys can flat sing the fire outta this dynamic, stirring song. The sensational production comes courtesy of Brent Rowan, the man who brought us Joe Nichols on this label. Who says lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place?" Oermann rarely gets his "ears pinned back;" he usually does the pinning.