Hope Rothrock's Portfolio #2 For Period : March 2001

For our Incredible Comics webpage I have done the following recently:

  • Investigated possible ISPs for our site. (This was a group task as each of us investigated a few and reported back on our findings).
  • Met with our client again to shore up requirements/design questions.
  • Updated the Vintage Comics discussion board with our progress. (This too is a team effort; we take turns each week).
  • Held a meeting at my home to work out the actual timeline and divide up all the tasks.
  • Helped design the database and investigated using boolean fields within it.
  • Investigated the library of Congress standard headings for the Meta tags:
        "Comic Books, Strips, etc" is that exact heading.
  • Designed and wrote the Welcome page for the site. Colors/fonts etc still need to be agreed on by the group before this page is complete (to keep all pages consistent).
  • Built a mock access database and made sure I could display its contents to a blank page using ASP code. This is in anticpation of building our actual Comics ASP page, which is my goal for the next week.
  • Again I want to say we have an "incredible" team working on this site. Everyone has pieces to work on and all team members are making great progress.


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