Hope Rothrock's Portfolio #3 for Period : April 2001

For our Incredible Comics webpage I have done the following recently:

  • Sent copy of welcome page to client for review and made necessary updates.
  • Helped Joy (another team) with her Personal Web Server issues via private emails and then telephone conversation.
  • Continued weekly status meetings with the team
  • Designed ASP page
  • Began planning/organizing presentation format
  • Talked to client and completed the Welcome Page.
  • Built/coded the ASP page. Lots of issues including naming of database fields, switching from jscript to vbscript etc, and syntax for the SQL calls. Finally got it working. This took a good 2 weeks to do.
  • Integrated ASP page with other pages, so they could link to it and get the correct display.
  • Reviewed Header/Footer with Denise and suggested changes. She then helped Tina with the necessary changes.
  • Looked into redesigning ASP page to have database fields line up better in tables. Wrote about 90% of this and turned it over to Denise for fine tuning.
  • Fixed some fields in database and corrected typos.
  • Took this back from Denise and completed making the ASP columns in tables.
  • Continued working on presentation ideas.
  • Worked on integrating all the pages together. Spent an entire night recoding all pages to be sure all headers/footers/fonts etc were standard.
  • Testing!!!!!! Testing!!!!!!! and MORE Testing!!!!! (including different browsers like IE, Netscape, AOL, etc.
  • Investigation of linking to URLs not on our server.
  • Added column headers to the ASP for clarity.
  • Presented our status to the class on 4/23.
  • Held team meeting at my home to prepare for presentation.
  • Created a webpage of cooltools/tips to share with the class.
  • Prepared for presentation.
  • On 4/30 we will present our website and I will present my cooltool webpage.
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