From the Mouths of my Children over the Years:
Song Title What WAS that Alan was singing????
Chattahoochee Way down yonder on the CHATTABOOCHIE
It gets hotter than a hoochie-coochie.
Little Bitty ...Got a little job and a little bitty CHICK
   Six pack of beer and a television set.
It Must Be Love ...It must be love. It must be love.
I fall like a sparrow and fly like a DUCK.

(Did we have a "bird" theme going on here or what?)
Where I Come From Where I Come From It's

(Note the 3 different foods here; Rachel never heard of cornbread)
Drive When Daddy let me drive......
Rachel adds her own true story:
..."I turned left instead of right and almost hit a tree."
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere OWE me something tall and strong.
Make it a hurricane before I go AND SING
It's only half past twelve but I don't care.
It's five o'clock SUNDAY
Don't Leave Me Out What was that HOPE was singing????

Gone Country
...some of that stuff don't sound much different than Billings
Until I sat in the front row in Atlantic City, I thought I knew all the words to all of Alan's songs. However turns out I had been singing Billings instead of Dylan for years. All throughout the song, Alan sings about other cities like Vegas, Long Island, Nashville, LA. So I always thought he was singing about "Billings", Montana.
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