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Ad/Sponsorship Form <---click here--> Trophy Sponsorship Form

To help defray some of the costs, we are asking local businesses/individuals to become sponsors.

Each sponsorship level has its own privileges and cost. Click on this link to read more about each level. (Note: levels of categories have been renamed.)

2010 Sponsors (Last updated 10/14/10):
Dansko LLCVeteran
Leardi, Robert K. DMDVeteran
McGrory Inc.Veteran
Muller FamilyVeteran
Trevorrow FamilyVeteran
Willowdale SunocoVeteran

Click here to view this year's patrons who purchased ads in our program.

Click here to view patrons who will sponsor trophies at the awards ceremony.
Feel free to email our Sponsor Coordinator with any comments or questions.

Thanks also to our alumni families for their donations:

Bush Family
Caruso Family
Cole Family
Gower Family
Hayes Family
Helm Family
Kapadia Family
Kerntke Family
Kershaw Family
Kountz Family
McQuillan Family
Minella Family
Wardius Painting
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