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Welcome to the Children's House Montessori School.

Summer Camps
(For ages 15 months - 7 years)
June 9th - August 21st, 2008

Traveling the World in Eleven Weeks
Come join us for one week, a few weeks, or all 11 weeks. Age approriate activites are planned for toddlers, 3-4 year olds, and 5-7 year olds. Discovery through science, arts and crafts, and just plain summer fun. Optional extra curricular activites will include computer, karate, soccer, and dance. Full and half day programs are available. Also 2, 3, 4, and 5 day options. Before and after school care is available. Open 7am to 6pm.

Week 1 (6/9-6/13) - Welcome Week
New friends, new schedules, learning the ropes and the rules, packing our bags for our future travels, and just hanging out and getting to know our own 'home base'. Passport making, ceral box suitcases, hand made binoculars, and trusty maps are just a few of the projects we'll complete to prepare for our adventures ahead.

Week 2 & 3 (6/16-6/27) - Spanish Weeks 1 & 2
Grab your trusty back pack, its time to fly to South America. Trekking through the Brazilian rainforest, exploring the cultures of Mexico, and visiting the Mayan and Incan ruins will all be road stops on our journey around the world. Senora Traci is back again this summer with more exciting songs, crafts, and stories for our friends to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture.

Week 4 (6/30-7/3) - Americana Week
It's time to fly home for a little rest and relaxation. Flying into the Big Apple, we'll stop at Ellis Island for a little root searching, travel along the interstate highway system to the Grand Canyon, and have a good old-fashioned picnic to celebrate Independence day.

Week 5 & 6 (7/7- 7/18) - Asian Exploration
Traveling across the Bering Strait, we've bade our way to Asia. With a quick stop in Moscow, Russia, we've packed our hiking gear and are moving along the Great Wall of China. Caravanning along the old Spice Roads, we will create our own trading bazaar. Taking a boat ride on the Mediterranean, we'll move gradully to the continent of Africa.

Week 7 & 8 (7/21- 8/1) - African Safari & more
Whether seeking the hidden treasures of Ancient Egypt, or following the Nile River to a desert oasis, our friends will be busy studying the diverse cultures and languages found on this continent. Basket weaving and clay work will help our exploration of all the wonders found on the African continent.

Week 9 & 10 (8/4- 8/15) - Euro passes all around
From Paris to London to Venice and back again, our friends will explore big cities and smaller cities in search of their "inner traveler". From the manor homes of Scotland to the lakes in the Swiss Alps, our friends will have a whirlwind time exploring all the magnificent spots found along the train rails and "Autobahns" of Europe.

Week 11 (8/18-8/21) - Homeward Bound
It's time to take in the wonderful "trips" we've made in our very own storybooks, photo albums, and scrapbooks. Sun, sand, bathing suits, and sunglasses are essential for this final week of Children's House Summer Camp for some good old-fashioned backyard fun.