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2848 Grubb Road
Wilmington, DE

(302) 529-9259

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Head of School:
Cathy Lopez-Cooling

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Welcome to the Children's House Montessori School.

Here are some quotes we've gathered from parents expressing their feelings about the experience they've had at our school.   Look for some quotes from our children, coming soon to this page.
At 25 months, a specialist determined my son had the language comprehension of an 18 month old. Even though my son has hearing loss and wears hearing aids, our insurance would not pay for speech therapy. We decided to enroll him at Children's House. Within two months, we noticed a HUGE change in his ability to understand the language. The language-rich environment at this school has done wonders for our son. We could not be happier."
~Shannon C.

"I was nervous about putting my little one in daycare, but the staff was so caring and so understanding of my concerns that I felt right at home. She loves going to school and I feel good about sending her there."
~Emily K.

"We knew we wanted our childís day time experience to be more than just babysitting. We wanted it to be a loving, stimulating environment that helped prepare her for school. We got our wish and so much more at Childrenís House."
~Justin W.

"My third grader has been attending the school since he was a toddler. I like that they offer a curriculum that excites and instructs him at the same time. The teachers are so patient and itís been wonderful to see him grow every year."
~Ashley G.

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