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Here in the Real World
Had been big George Strait and Keith Whitley fans to this point. I heard this new song on the car radio. I ran into house to tell Paul about it and couldn't the remember artists name (HAHAHA) but said I knew the song would be a #1!   Little did I know how many times I would say Alan Jackson's name over the next 14+ years.
Fan Fair 1992 Chris and I met Alan Jackson at Fan Fair in 1992. We also gave Alan a lamenated newspaper article from our local paper in Delaware that talked about Chris wanting to be a country music singer like his idol Alan Jackson.
See my About Me page for more details.
Westwood One 1999
Under the Influence
I was lucky enough to talk to Alan on the Westwood One Premiere of Under the Influence. He sang "Hi Hopes" to me. I also thanked him for standing up for George Jones on the awards show.   Click here for full details.
Penn State 2000 Had been to at least 65-70 shows at this point.
We started using fan club seats and taking pictures.
One of my pics from this show ended up as a "picture of month" on the Alan Jackson Girls fan site. Another picture is currently the cover on a spanish CD of Alan's.
Fan Fair 2000 Paul and I drive 1000 miles to attend Alan's fan club party. We sang "Chattahoochee" during a Kareoke contest and won front row seats.  We also got to hear Alan sing www.memory while it was still a work-in-progress. (He had to sing it twice). What a thrill this was!
Salisbury MD 2001 Rachel gave Alan a dozen purple roses during "I Don't Even Know Your Name" and they smiled at each other.
See review of show for more details.
Atlantic City
Front Row Seats
We used the front row seats we won at Alan's fan club party to see the concert. This is the one and only time we have been blessed to sit in the front row during one of his shows.   See review of show for more details.
Hershey, PA 2001 One of the best concerts ever!!! Mark signed Matt's guitar, the kids got on big screen for first time during It Must Be Love and Little Bitty and we sang Where I Come From (a relatively unknown song at this point) back at Alan and the Strayhorns. See review for more details.
October 17th, 2001 October 17th has always been a special date to me long before I knew Alan Jackson because it's my brother's birthday. However this year something funny happened to me that had me smiling all day.   Read about it here.
Philadelphia 2002 We won second row seats from our radio station. And Rachel got her Bitty Baby doll signed by Alan.
See review of show for more details.
Hershey 2002 Rachel saved up her own money and bought a Bitty Baby doll to give to Dani Jackson for her birthday. She gave it to Tony to give to Alan before the Hershey concert.
Read the note Rachel wrote to Dani.
Daytona Beach 2003 Alan added Neon Rainbow back into the show tonight! And he signed Rachel's Bitty Baby again.  
Read review for all the details.
See playlist from the show.
Chula Vista, CA 2003 I listened to whole show via cell.
At the end of the show, Alan took the cell phone from Paul and talked to me.
See review for all the details.
Bristow VA 2003 Alan signed Rachel's Bitty Baby AGAIN.
See review for all the details.
Paso Roblos CA 2003 Paul and Chris were in Paso Roblos for the show. Tony let them come and watch the Sound Check. They called home and we got to hear Tony and the Strayhorns practicing It's Five O'Clock Somewhere.
Click to see a slideshow of the band during Sound Check.
Allentown, PA 2003 We were invited to watch the sound check and the concert from the Control Booth. What an incredible experience. Such a different perspective on the concert.
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