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Message to Alan and Tony and Fan Club **WOW** Want to thank Alan's entire organization for the Platinum Fan Club Seats he reserves for his true fans.
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Salisbury, MD 2001 WOW!! What a great show!! And thanks to Tony for the extra tickets so the whole family could go. My six year old Rachel got to give Alan a dozen purple roses at the beginning of the show.  Click here for entire review.
Atlantic City
In 2001, we saw Alan Jackson in Atlantic City two nights in a row. The first night we used our platinum seats and sat in the 6th row. The second night: FRONT ROW SEATS.
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Hershey, PA 2001 The next day, we drove to Hershey with our three children. My son Matt got to meet Mark McClurg who signed his guitar for him. Mark is a wonderful guy to take time out for my son.  Click here for entire review.
Pittsburgh, PA 2001 I saw Alan perform in Pittsburgh on 5/20 as part of the George Strait Festival. He really wowwed the crowd with his performance.     Click here for entire review.
Philadelphia, PA 2002 We won second row seats from a local radio station and saw Alan perform in Philadelphia. (the closest venue to our home). Rachel got her Bitty Baby doll signed.
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Penn State 2003 For those of you who want details, here is a play by play of our day yesterday! (Hope its not too detailed). We pulled the kids (Rachel and Matt) out of school at about noon.
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Atlantic City 2003 Alan wore his tan fringe shirt with newly pressed blue jeans. They were different jeans from the night before because the hole was in the other knee.
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Daytona Beach, Florida 2003 Just got in from the concert in Daytona Beach! What an incredible show. I really needed a dose of Mr. Jackson tonight!   Click here for entire review.
Chula Vista, CA 2003 Oh my GOSH!  Alan just talked to me on the cell phone!   Paul held up the phone during Mercury Blues and Alan took it!   I can't BELIEVE IT!
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Bristow, VA 2003 Phase 1: Ok. Here goes. First of all, we almost didn't go. Click here for entire review.
Allentown, PA 2003 A different Perspective. We got to watch the whole show from the Control Booth. What a facinating experience for us, and especially Matthew who wants to be a performer someday, to see the show from a totally different angle.
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